Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Too quiet in Suburban-Land

It has been about six months since moving into our new home, and a year and a half since moving into this state hundreds of miles from anyone we knew.  We're in large lot suburban-land, you may or may not see the neighbors for weeks.  I'm not working at the moment, so I thought I would putter around for a bit and get to know folks.  One problem, I'm meeting very few folks.  One way I have met lots of people through the years is through my daughter's activities, those obligatory events and practices that chop up and chew up any parent's schedule.  It isn't working well here.  During soccer practice the parents who come and decide to stay, sit in their cars messing with their iphones and ipads.  At the events, everyone seems to pretty much walk in, watch the event and leave.  There doesn't seem to be as much, "Hi!  Haven't seen you in ages, what are you up to??" sorts of conversations about me.  Then I realized, I'm living in commuter land.  This town is where folks live, but it not where they work, socialize, eat out or shop.  You have to leave town to do those things.  It seems to be a community with little community, it's pretty, it's quiet, it has wonderful schools, low crime and comparatively low taxes, but does it have a soul?.  My mission, to either discover the bits of community that there are or create my own little community in the vacuum. Wish me luck!

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