Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How many Pageviews??

I love to read the statistics that are generated by my blog, the number of pageviews sorted by country, sorted by referring website and all.  The problem is that they don't add up.

 The section on the total number of pageviews is always significantly higher than the pageviews sorted for each posting (which I think gives me the most accurate count of readers), sometimes double or triple the number.  I wonder how that happens?

The referring websites sometimes make me a little nervous, I keep getting pageviews referred by a blog that was taken down some time ago.  Then there are the three  very different addresses that show a high number of pageviews that when I click on the links all three send me to a single weight loss page, the type which makes me rapidly click away, because it seems false..( I haven't written about anything on weight-loss, probably because I can't seem to lose any, I'm thinner, more toned, but  weigh two more pounds than when I started exercising and reforming my diet a year and a quarter ago.)

Then there are the web rating pages that assess the value of the webpage, they sometimes provide more hits than what I believe to be my actual readership.

The country of origin for the page views raises my eyebrows. Saudi Arabia?  Malaysia? Indonesia?  China? The Netherlands?  The Ukraine? (this country started showing up when I started commenting on the Boston Marathon bombing, is it a coincidence?) Brazil? A quarter of the hits this blog receives are from Russia, maybe there are a bunch of  folks in Russia who are really into my chickens (and I would love to hear from them if they are) but some how I doubt it.  Germany comes pretty high on the list also,  If anyone from those countries is reading my blog, I'd love to hear from them.  Actually, I'd love to hear from anyone who reads the blog, then I know that the pageviews aren't just webcrawlers, but real people!!! 

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