Monday, February 17, 2014

Bonfires of Spring

We aren't big on statuary, but we do have the pensive frog in the flower garden, that paired with the watering can that was left out before the snow (used to water the tender plants living in the garage for the winter).  It seems frozen in place, waiting for the predicted two inches of wintery mix due to fall from the sky in the dark of the night.  It's just in time for school to start up again, after the long, snow-extended holiday weekend.  The very good news is that it is supposed to reach the low sixties by the end of the week!!  Spring is coming!  Athena will be pleased.

Today is a glorious winter day, clear, bright, cold, but not too cold, light breeze.  My husband and I each spent a bit of time pruning the fruit trees.  He handled the major surgery on the established trees and I pruned the little ones that we have planted in the past two years.  Last year he seriously hacked at the pear tree and then realized that he still hadn't gone far enough, so he is at it again.  We probably won't see pears again for two more years, but the tree has been shaped properly, so that it can grow into a nice old tree someday.It was nice to get outside and do something productive. 

Close up of one row of woodpecker holes.

Row upon row of woodpecker holes all the way up the trunk of the  crab apple.

Rose of Sharon-bird/bug damage.
There has been a good reason why I have seen a pretty diverse population of woodpeckers in the yard, the trees are infested with yummy bugs.  The gorgeous old crab apple will not be with us long, neither will the bigger of the two rose of Sharon trees.The  problem is that the bugs that eat these trees would find all the nice little baby trees we're planting to be delectable and provide a  population reservoir ready to ravage all our hard work.  The books and internet urge us to chop them down and  to burn or remove the wood from the property.  I want one more season of the crab apple blossoms, the beautiful old tree was one of the reasons I fell in love with the property.   Sigh.

Bonfire. Our yard. Bummer.  It is so beautiful.

Discussions have begun as to what should be planted in that space, something beautiful and fruitful,  Asian pears and persimmons have been mentioned, but no decisions yet.  Any recommendations?

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