Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Today looks to be one of the last really warm days of the year, it is supposed to be 76 degrees.  I have a project that I have been waiting for the perfect day to do...not too hot, not too humid, no one else home and no appointments or interruptions, today is the day.  I'm going to prime the walls of my lovely vintage 1970 bathroom with a nasty oil based primer.  The only other options would be to remove the walls and start over or live with this:

I'm guessing that the walls are some sort of fiberglass coating on hardboard, trying feebly to be faux marble.  The other bathroom was similar with a blue faux marble effect, primed and painted it is much more bearable.  It was my experiment space, since only my husband and I use it.  It took three primers to find one that stuck properly.  Now it looks like this:
Color not quite right in photo, it is darker and less minty, more green.

The other walls in the "white faux" bathroom, which were dry walled, were done over pretty soon after we moved in. They had been that funky almond sort of color that apartment owners buy by the 5 gallon bucket to cover the dirt of the previous tenant.  I, not known for my color subtlety, did it like this:

The plastic marble white walls will be transformed partly today, with all the windows opened wide, fans turned on venting outward.  They will be merely "white walls" and then in a couple of days I will paint them Benjamin Moore's Sweet Orange, like the rest of the room.  The trim will be white, whenever I get around to it.

I found out when I did the ceiling in this bathroom that the ceiling paints that change color as they dry to help you figure out where you have and have not painted are not the best in the bathroom.  When I shower the ceiling turns pink and then slowly fades over the next hour.  It does seem to be less intense each week as the paint cures.

I am just killing time by blogging, waiting for the outdoor temperatures to get a little higher before I throw the windows open and don my speckled painting attire.

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