Thursday, April 2, 2015

Falling Behind and Falling Asleep

I haven't kept pace with everything I need to do this spring, things have been conspiring to make it difficult for me.  First my kid gets sick and then she gets well and has a birthday slumber party.  Somewhere along in this our dog develops symptoms that are not making any sense to the vets, it's not looking good.  We are trying a medication route that may or may not help the symptoms, but won't cure whatever it is (or the several whatevers it may be).  Part of her illness is drinking too much and urinating too much, and, yes, we have investigated the usual illnesses (and some rather rare illnesses also) that cause these symptoms and have come back with all negative test results.  She needs to go out many times during the night, my husband and I are sleeping in shifts, so that we get any sleep at all.

My garden is starting to go in.  Most of the greens are planted, from arugula to Swiss chard.  I thought I had one more type of collards than I do, so I will need to go get seed, in between my dog's bathroom breaks.  The peas are planted and due to poke out of the soil at any moment.  My tomato seedlings this year were a total failure, some would come up and immediately die, I'm going  to change my seed starting medium and try again.  I'll set up the cold frame any day now to start heating up and getting ready for baby plants.

The chicks are oblivious to all that is going on in the household.  They grow bigger by the minute and are at that awkward stage when they do not look like chicks and they do not look like chickens.  They have a bit of the teenage dinosaur look to them.  Judge for yourself!

Time to raise the light, they are all ducking.

Circe and Bubbles

Bubbles and Diana

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