Wednesday, May 13, 2015

I've been out in the garden every morning and evening for the past week, it is finally starting to show the work that has been put into it.

The Joseph's Coat Roses are in bloom, I had hopes the yellow part of the flower would have been a bit brighter, maybe it's a nutrient thing...

The irises transplanted from my Mom's yard in MA are looking ready to be divided later this summer, time to dig a new flower bed!

In the veggie garden:
Sunflowers are starting to take off, several neighbors have asked me if I am going to plant them again this year, they really got a kick out of the 12 foot monsters. Right now they just look a little leafy.

My new thing for this year, popcorn...we'll see how this goes!

The lettuce is already providing plenty of salads and the collards, kale and Swiss chard are taking their dear sweet time.  The brassicas are hiding under the floating row covers to protect them from caterpillars and harlequin beetles that will chew them to the nubs.

 The fruit production seems to be moving along...
Baby apples

Blueberries, not yet blue

Strawberries, ready to pick for dinner

My husband's babies, Sarracenia Pitcher Plants, in bloom.

Later this afternoon/evening's project--planting asst squash, pumpkins,okra, and a few extra popcorn seeds, they will soak for a few hours first.

The other big project:
The Blue Behemoth
It looks worse than it is.  It is getting new axle bearings, so it is on jack stands, our neighbor is a bored former Dodge mechanic who is helping us out for fun, that is a huge help.  It is a '95, but it has spent all of it's time until a month ago in Hemet, CA--so there is no rust!!  It spent the first 17 years as transport for a retirement home, so there is space between the seats for folks to put their walkers, or just stretch out those extra long legs!   The next three years it was a musician's haul-mobile and then it moved him and his family across the country, and then two weeks later it became ours! It has 50% less miles on it than my car. The engine needs one O ring, it came with new brakes and will be the vacation and hauling mobile.  The interior was absolutely disgusting, and the windows were covered by stickers of Elsa and Ana from Frozen, but two afternoons and four cans of carpet cleaner later it is pretty clean.  I'll steam everything once it is mobile again.  Ahhhhhhhhhh, to go camping and have free space under my legs and to be able to move and inch or two to the left or right without bumping into gear!  Summer's coming!

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