Wednesday, September 24, 2014


When my camera fell out of my jacket pocket onto the beach this summer, I was afraid  it would never work again. I gave a sigh of relief when  I picked it up and snapped a shot, but now two months later, it can't focus.  Sand is mucking up the works.  I found a list of things to try to do to get it to work again, no luck yet.

Here's a shot of the beach.

Yes, I was in New England. 

 I was playing with images of seaweed and stones and studying the ways the water left marks in the sand and looking at the shadows the seaweed cast.

I also spent some time studying the tracks of the shorebirds.  There was plover nest site nearby.

Shortly after I took these shots, I placed the camera in my windbreaker's pocket, and sat on the blanket for a bit.  When I stood the camera skidded out of the slippery nylon and onto the sand.  I took more pictures that day and many days after, but the camera chose to jam today--as I was trying to photograph the crabapple pickles I made (which look like eyeballs sealed in a Mason jar).  They were going to be the starting point of this blog, but it didn't happen.