Saturday, July 4, 2015

Assignment: 101 Things to Do Over the Summer without an Electronic Screen

I set my 13 year old daughter to a task.  She needed to come up with:

 101 Things to Do in the Summer That Do Not Include an Electronic Screen

I do this almost every summer, so that she doesn't disappoof (her new favorite word) completely into Minecraft .  It is all stuff that she likes to do or would like to try doing, so that it isn't the punishment list, but the life enrichment list. So far this is what she has this year, with some notations in parenthesis from me for clarification.   The idea is also that many of these things do not burn a giant hole in our wallets and many should not require an adult to completely devote their day to servicing her idea, a few are okay though.


101 Things to do without a Screen (draft), there are only 30 items on her list, so far.


  1. Kitties (play, pet)

  2. FIRE!!!! (we have a  new fire pit and plenty of kindling)

  3. Bake cupcakes

  4. Make Pudding

  5. Make fire/dinner (trend here)

  6. Berries (We have several kinds to pick, usually something is ripe.)

  7. Fort (work on one in back yard woods)

  8. Pogo (problem here, she has outgrown her pogo stick, she needs an adult one)

  9. Floral arranging (usually something in the yard is blooming)

  10. Ride bike

  11. Chickies (give snacks, pet)

  12. Sing with parrot

  13. Board game

  14. Hair (in this humidity, it is a challenge for curly folks like her)

  15. Paint (could be more specific, laundry room, shed trim, canvas, objects...)

  16. Draw

  17. Think (always encouraged)

  18. Read

  19. Sew (learn how to)

  20. Sleep (as if a teenager really needs to put this on a list)

  21. Build stuff (creative, needs to be more specific)

  22. Burn stuff (destructive,  but back to the fire pit, I think she is referring to an invite to some of our friends a few weeks ago about coming over to burn marshmallows and hot dogs to celebrate the beginning of summer)

  23. Dance

  24. BUBBLES! (never too old)

  25. Friends (she is a teenager, but the idea needs specificity, what to do?)

  26. Go to park (which one? why?)

  27. Call friends in FL

  28. Call Grandma or Nonna

  29. Fresh (Yogurt shop)

  30. Yellowstone (She's going to need help with this one)

Her dad suggested "Collect as many different types of insects as you can find."

I suggest soccer tricks, shoot hoops, squirt friends with super soaker,
 set up can targets for super soaker go for distance and accuracy, take a walk,
She doesn't think it's funny that we ended up with similar sneakers.

write a story on paper with a pencil, play flute...

Note my assistant in the background.

 So, what ideas do you have for her?  Revised list in a few days...