Monday, June 22, 2015

Dar-es-Salaam from my husband's perspective

Dar-es-Salaam from my husband's perspective.
My husband left Friday for Tanzania and now it is Tuesday.  He sent a few e-mails as he made his way to Dar-es-Salaam and has been there a couple of days.  The first day he sent an email with a picture, and I thought, "Great! I'll get to see what Tanzania looks like, maybe it's a marketplace or something interesting he saw on his way from the airport to the hotel."  Neither. He sent me a photo of the bathroom in the hotel, noting that it looked like a lot of the pictures we had been looking at when re-doing our three-quarter bath.  Really?

His second picture is him standing on the roof of his hotel over-looking the city.  He shows up very nicely, and through the haze in the background I can make out that there is a palm tree, a body of water and a few fuzzy buildings. From what I can see, he could be somewhere in Florida, or in Africa, or Southern California. I'm hoping for a bit more detail in the next photo.