Friday, June 7, 2013

Chicks at Two Weeks

Two weeks ago yesterday we brought home some fluffy little chicks to form our flock of laying hens.  For all the vicarious poultry keepers out there, I am going to post before and after photos.  Cute fluffy chicks at about two days old versus the gawky critters we have now.

Let's start with The Goddess, who seems to be at the top of the pecking order in the group.


Next Lucy, the lowest in the pecking order:


On to Ursula, who is looking a little rooster-like, uh-oh:

And finally Paisley:

They sure can be homely at this point.

They spent their first week and a half in my daughter's room, so that they would be picked up again and again, making them used to humans.  After their digestive tracts matured a bit, they became a bit too fragrant to share living space with us and have been moved into the garage,  In another week, they will be big enough for them to be put outside in their summer coop to eat bugs and weeds all day.  A couple of weeks after that they will free range a bit in the yard.

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