Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It looks to be a quiet Thanksgiving this year.  It will just be the three of us. I've had quieter ones, when I was single in CA and all my family was 3000 miles away.  Back then I did up the whole bird and all the sides and desserts for myself, and I will do up the whole thing for the three of us tomorrow, then we will live on the leftovers for as long as they last.

I bought the biggest bird I could find, 22 lbs.  When else is meat 55 cents a pound???  The leftovers freeze well and we'll live off the thing for a few weeks, too bad we are a dark meat family and they have bred these monsters to be all breast meat.

 I have a streusel topped apple pie in the freezer, made during the apple  processing craziness of the fall. (As soon as I am done wit this post I will pull it out to defrost) All the ingredients to make a pumpkin pie waiting in the pantry. I'm hoping to work it so that my daughter will volunteer to make it.

We have three kinds of cranberry sauce, I like the whole berry, and my husband likes the jellied with the can marks displayed. We have to have the cranberry orange relish, because it cuts the greasy blandness of the gravy, plus it's yummy.

We do something that my family looks at with horror, we do the marshmallow sweet potato casserole after a couple of years in the South it seemed like it was time to try it and and it has won its place at the table. I never understood the green bean casserole thing, mushy, salty, with the fake onion things on top, blah!  If you enjoy it, you can have my portion.

All of this is just the warm up, because the day after Thanksgiving is the best!  The menu barely varies from year to year.  Breakfast is pie and coffee.  Lunch is an overstuffed sandwich with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, with either Miracle Whip or mayo (depending on which side of the divide you sit on) and a  glass of coffee milk ( the Rhode Island official state beverage).  Dinner is hot turkey sandwiches  with cranberry orange relish, with more pie and a cup of tea.

I hope all sixteen of my readers have an enjoyable holiday with their families!!  Drive safely!


  1. I just finished prepping my green bean casserole. :) Fresh beans, fresh mushrooms, fresh garlic, fresh onions, bacon, all in a homemade white sauce. It would change your mind. :) Have a great Thanksgiving, stay warm!

  2. Ah, yes!! Real food! I probably would love your casserole! It has bacon! No salty.pasty canned soup or onions from a can! Enjoy your holiday and your new pup!