Friday, October 26, 2012

The Windy One

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing...that's what I think of when I hear all the intense reports about the stormy weather headed our way.  They do this for every storm, I have arrived at the point that I don't really believe what they are telling me.  Sure, it looks huge on the weather map,sure it could be bad, and sure they could get everyone wound up just to increase their ratings.  It will be a very long windy rainstorm, probably a tropical storm for most of it.  I bought my batteries before they  ran out and I have made sure the staples are in my pantry and bought extra soy and almond milk. I picked up objects that could blow around in the yard, tomorrow we'll tackle that downspout issue that we've ignored.  Okay, I'm ready--I don't need the intense music played before each weather report--it's like the movies, when the exciting part is coming up the set the mood with music--they are playing a game with us--"Let's see if we can wind them up!"  They have the audience gripping their seats, but nothing has happened yet.  Stop it!

I was in the hardware store this morning, the contractors were there, all very jovial.  It seemed like a party, I realized the occasion when I overheard and exchange as one headed for the door.  One said, "Good luck to you!  Time to make some money!!"  The carpenters, plumbers and assorted other folks in the housing industry have had pretty lean times in the past few years and they see a giant, windy rainstorm as a humongous business opportunity.  Understandable.  I just never really thought about it until today.

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