Friday, April 10, 2015

Chicks at 1 Month Old!

The little chicks in the garage are nearing the fluff-free stage, which means that they can soon be scratching up the straw in the big girl run outside.  Circe seems that she will need the most time to mature, still a bit of fluff to go.  Freya has been fluff free for several days and is looking quite mature, I did a little reading on the Delaware chicken, she should be laying eggs a whole month before the others.  The Brahmas are coming right along, BB and Bob are nearly fluff free and are the laziest chickens I have ever seen.  Bubbles moves around much more and has a bundle of personality, which means when she gets older she is going to be a real pill to deal with.   Effie and Diana are the acrobats of the bunch, they are constantly hopping on and off the tops of their waterer and feeder and jumping out of the kiddie pool that they call home, luckily they have learned how to jump back in.

The big chicks, Ursula and Athena have been defying gravity lately.  Their breed descriptions say that they bear confinement well and that they are not flighty, I guess the exceptions prove the rules.  They are locked into their fence every morning and by lunchtime they are scratching anywhere in the yard that they please.  They both have their wings clipped and are heavier weight birds, so flying really isn't really a possibility, but they have been observed throwing themselves over the four foot fence by sheer force of will.  Keeping them in is such a challenge,  the fence is to protect them from roaming dogs and to keep them out of the road, but if they throw themselves over it, it can't do a thing for them.  At least I know when the little ones are fenced in the Brahmas will be so darned heavy that the laws of physics will keep them in, I think.

 Time for a chickie fix...

Diana on the feeder, Circe back left, Freya and Bubbles front right

These are the same little balls of fluff that arrived not quite a month ago!!
Circe and Diana on March 12th

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